VAALOEWER is about 70km south of Johannesburg, around 25km from Vanderbijlpark, Sasolburg and Parys. We are situated below the barrage, on a secluded piece of deep water river supported by the weir, which is maintained by the Rand Water Board.

Our little country escape falls under the Vanderbijlpark Municipality, and has been in existence for about twenty five years. Legend is the farm used to belong to Mimi Coertze’s husband and you will still find the small ampitheatre built for her to sing.

However, the secret is out! Our beauty has been ‘discovered’ and there has been a tremendous influx of new owners to the area.

Vaaloewer lies in the geological Vredefort dome, near the World Heritage Site ‘Vredefort Dome’. For those of us who failed history in school here’s a quick update!

The Vredefort dome is the oldest and largest meteorite impact site in the world. Formed an estimated 2000 million years ago when a gigantic meteorite hit the earth close to where Vredefort is today. The force of the impact opened up a crater, which is still visible, and is about 40km in diameter and is regarded the biggest and oldest clearly visible impact structure on Earth.

There are around 920 full title stands which vary from 650m2 to 1420m2 each with a magic of its own. Vaaloewer is divided by two hills.. There are beautiful views from each ridge, some stands have spectacular views over the river and some towards the beautiful bush. The stands high on the cliff directly overlooking the Vaal are our most exclusive and sought after, not becoming available too often. However, from many points in the area you will see the river.

Directly along the river banks we have almost a kilometer of prime owners only river frontage picnic area which only residents have access to by car, keeping our waterfront exclusive. Here property owners or their guests may braai, fish or simply walk along the river. Also included is a playpark and a pool for the kids.

The Conference Centre / Bed and Breakfast is one of the most exclusive in the area, boasting state-of-the-art technology, with 16 air-conditioned rooms, all with panoramic views over the river. There are plans to erect a little supermarket, hardware shop and petrol station in the area.

Another feature of the Vaaloewer area is the boat club. Modern, exclusive units, large and small, tempt frazzled city dwellers to the area on weekends! Members of the boat club may park their boats, or purchase a boathouse. There are a limited number of boat permits to launch, keeping the river peaceful and quiet.

If you are looking for a weekend get-away, a permanent place to stay, to retire or simply a sound place to invest your hard earned money… Come and visit us and share our secret!